❝Rosann is the ideal coach. Not only is she wise, she takes great pleasure in helping me see beyond my set limitations and realize that I’m much more than where I have come from. Rosann has an amazing ability to help you see your untapped potential while simultaneously having faith that you can get there. My life has been enriched because I have invested in myself with Rosann’s services.❞

Marina Grullon,
Clinician, Cayuga Centers, NYC

❝I find Rosann to be a great coach and advisor. Throughout my career in higher education she has formally and informally supported my growth. As I begin to think about the next steps in my career, it was only natural to seek her out professionally. Rosann has great insight and provides open and honest feedback that is supportive and encouraging.❞

Dianne Kerry Villar,
Doctoral Student in Higher Education Leadership, Widener University, Philadelphia

❝From our first exchange of words, Rosann demonstrated a concerned and caring attitude towards me. She was knowledgeable about what the steps were to enter, evolve and become successful in my career path. She helped me define and develop a realistic professional career plan and encouraged me to think outside the box, guiding me to acknowledge how my abilities and interests can lead to other opportunities and career paths.❞

Roslyn Ruiz,
Residence Life Associate & Alumni Liaison, School of American Ballet at Lincoln Center

❝Rosann’s coaching has shaped me into the professional I am today. Her ability to ask the right questions and share her honest feedback has been transformational for my growth. Her can-do attitude is contagious. She allowed me to look at things in a new light and helped me think strategically about my career development. She’s flexible and objective and uses the perfect balance of support and challenge.❞

Tiffany Onorato,
Director of Pre-College Programs, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

❝Rosann helped me clean up my resume so that there was less jargon, making my experience and skills applicable and transferable.❞

Shahira Payano,
Field Support Liaison, Community District 12, New York City Department of Education

❝Rosann has always been an positive inspiration in my life. Yes she has a platform for all woman, but for us Latinas she helps us to be the best we can be against all the obstacles in our own way. Her determination and motivation are uplifting and I find strength in her personal story. As a result of one of her Power Move Monday videos, I was encouraged to approach my boss about funding educational classes that will sharpen my office manager skills. HE AGREED. Many of us don’t know opportunities can exist for us . I am thankful for her advice and guidance and encourage others to seek her out.❞

Melissa Reyes,
Office Manager


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