Rosann Santos

Rosann Santos

Bilingual » Mother » Public Speaker » Success Coach » Trailblazer

Rosann Santos is one of the most specialized, in-demand motivational speakers in both English and Spanish. She is certified as a Gallup Strengths coach and facilitator and is an ICF Certified Professional Coach. She is also certified in FranklinCovey’s Unconscious Bias and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People content. She is also the co-host of a professional development podcast called Design Your Decade: Journey to the C-Suite.

She has spoken internationally  in both languages and has been hired by organizations like the National Geographic Society, the American Association of Medical Colleges, the City University of New York and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. » Read her Testimonials.

Her expertise is rooted in a 25-year higher education career that spans a breadth of experiences. She helps other shine by helping them discover their power and develop their natural talents. This experience led her to found Latinas in Higher Education, Inc. that provides affordable professional development for those who want to advance in their careers.

Rosann lives in the New York City metro area with her high school aged son. She is a founding board member of Emblaze Academy Charter School in the South Bronx and a member of the Syracuse University Multicultural Advisory Council. Currently she is on the board of the 100 Hispanic Women of Westchester County.


A Certified Gallup Strengths Coach and FranklinCovey Facilitator with the magic touch in connecting effortlessly with her audience.


Her background in academic and cultural topics creates motivational, interactive conversations with impact within organizations.

Bilingual Speaker

Rosann is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and can facilitate training or deliver a keynote equally in both languages.


What Rosann Offers You:

Keynote Presentations

Rosann offers keynotes, seminars, workshops, Q&A, and powerful one-day conferences in both English and/or Spanish. She has extensive experience in the higher education space working with first generation students and their families.

Success & Career Coaching

As a Gallup Strengths Coach, Rosann helps others view themselves through a strength-based lens to up their career game. Using the Clifton Strengths assessment she helps individuals apply their results to maximize their potential at work and in society.

DEI, Unconscious Bias & Sensitivity Training

As a FranklinCovey consultant and facilitator, Rosann provides highly effective workshops to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and society. She facilitates workshops with higher learning audiences, corporate and government organizations, and career development and educational institutions.



An interactive podcast for the modern professional.

Gain the knowledge necessary to navigate your career path through the corporate ranks into the C-Suite and make serious bank.



One of the most specialized, in-demand female motivational speakers in New York City and a certified FranklinCovey Facilitator and Gallup Strengths Coach.

Rosann has been hired by organizations such as the National Geographic Society, Syracuse University and the ATF.



A multi-hyphenate film, television, and voice actor who has a recurring role on the ABC TV series FOR LIFE and motivational spokesperson for Lowe’s.

Rio is also a marketing and brand strategist responsible for branding hundreds of companies, services and products.

3 Things Can Happen When You Walk into a Room:

1. You can walk in and no one notices.

2. You can walk in and you’re noticed for the wrong reasons.

3. Or you can walk in as the crowd parts for you to walk by.


I can help you get noticed in ways that are positive and beneficial for your future.


Rosann offers a suite of motivational and interactive services which include:

Keynote Presentations, DEI and Racial Sensitivity Training, and empowering Career Workshops to boost Career Mobility, Self-Confidence, and Executive Presence.




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