About Rosann Santos

Rosann is a public speaker, professional career coach, and visionary/founder of Latinas in Higher Education. She is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and can be booked for public speaking engagements, private coaching, and group coaching sessions on her Booking Page.

NatGeo Recruits Rosann Santos for First Explorers Festival

USING BILINGUALISM TO EMPOWER THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY Rosann was recently recruited by the National Geographic Society for her bilingualism and speaking expertise in helping scientists participating in the Sciencetelling™ Bootcamp to communicate their ideas more effectively. National Geographic Society issued the statement, "We believe in the power of science, exploration, [...]

What is Executive Presence?

What is Executive Presence? Several years ago I was introduced to the concept of executive presence (EP) and it has drastically changed how I approach my work life. I have read several articles and approaches to executive presence, but the best in my estimation is Executive Presence: The Missing Link [...]