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Keynote Speakers Under $20000

What is expected of a Keynote Speaker as opposed to a guest speaker, is that the speaker will command the room, capture the attention of their audience, and deliver an impactful message. The cost of hiring a motivational keynote speaker of this level is expected to fall between $20,000 – $30,000 budget range. For a celebrity speaker, that cost can exceed $40,000 and even reach $50,000 as commanded by the top motivational speaker in the world Eric Thomas.

If you’re looking for the same level of experience and impact for your audience, there is a speaker who has what Eric Thomas has and even a bit more. Rosann Santos is a top motivational speaker in the $15000 – $20000 budget range in New York City for professional conferences, corporate and academic organizations, educational institutions, career development and higher learning audiences from all walks of life. What sets her apart is that she is fully bilingual and can speak to an audience of any educational level equally well in English and Spanish.

She has international, national, regional, and local keynote speaker experience. Her talks effectively capture the essence of your conference or seminiar and highlight it to the audience with clarity and brevity. Rosann Santos also offers world-class professional development workshops; seminars for professional staff training; and motivational, interactive conversations for higher learning students and their families. If you are searching for a motivational speakers in New York City or outside of your home state, search no more, she has spoken for global organizations such as National Geographic, several professional and cultural organizations, and many educational institutions across the United States and Latin America.

All speaking events, seminars, workshops, and one-day conferences can be developed in English and/or Spanish.

Her motivational speaking engagements and seminars activate, engage and inspire. She has the distinct ability to mold the presentation into a unique and distinctive moment that will be memorable to your audience. Among motivational keynote speakers under $20000 she clearly stands out by the impression left on her audience.

Rosann is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and ready to deliver quality speaking with value to audiences of all professional and education levels.

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Keynote Speakers $15000- $20000

  • Keynote Speaker

  • StrengthsFinder:

    • Woo
    • Includer
    • Communication
    • Ideation
    • Arranger
  • Myers-Briggs: ESTJ

  • Gallups StrengthsQuest Coach

  • Executive Presence facilitator

  • Director of Strategic Initiatives

  • Founder: Latinas in Higher Education

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Professional Development Seminars

  • Team Building, Organizational Development & Management
  • Developing your Strengths
  • Getting Unstuck in your Career
  • Executive Presence, Negotiating Skills, Soft Skills, Ethics & Stress Management

Collegiate-Level Workshops

  • Developing your personal board of directors
  • Best practices for communicating online
  • Building your social capital & much more

Motivating and Inspiring High School Students

  • College readiness, Bilingual consulting, First generation student success
  • Choosing the right college
  • What parents/families can expect from academia and their students
  • How to best communicate in a college setting


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