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Keynote Speakers Under $20000

Women’s History Month 2020 in the United States will begin on Sunday, March 1st 2020 and ends on Tuesday March 31, 2020. March will commemorate and encourage the study, observance and celebration of the vital role of women in American history. Rosann Santos is an experienced speaker, professor, and lecturer for Women, Gender, and Ethnicity in both the United States and Latin America. She is considered of the best educational, academic, ethnicity and gender-focused Women’s History Month Speakers for cultural events, conferences and seminars, educational institutions, professional organizations, career development, and higher learning audiences. Her commitment to encouraging women from all walks of life excel in the workplace and ever-changing social landscape is unquestionable. Ms. Santos delivers high-quality talks, lectures, and professional development workshops to provoke interactive conversations for both Black History Month and Women’s History Month. If you’re looking for a top keynote speaker under $25000 in the $15000 – $20000 budget range. search no more, she has spoken internationally, nationally, regionally and locally on many important academic and culturally relevant topics.

Her inspirational speaking engagements are informative with current up-to-date information to activate the minds of her audiences. She offers actionable steps to stimulate cultural and gender awareness, personal development, and women’s career growth. Rosann clearly stands out by the impression left on her audience.

Rosann is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and ready to deliver quality speaking of high value to audiences of all levels.

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Professional Development Seminars

  • Team Building, Organizational Development & Management
  • Developing your Strengths
  • Getting Unstuck in your Career
  • Executive Presence, Negotiating Skills, Soft Skills, Ethics & Stress Management

Collegiate-Level Workshops

  • Developing your personal board of directors
  • Best practices for communicating online
  • Building your social capital & much more

Motivating and Inspiring High School Students

  • College readiness, Bilingual consulting, First generation student success
  • Choosing the right college
  • What parents/families can expect from academia and their students
  • How to best communicate in a college setting


Women History Month Keynote Speakers Under $20000

  • Gallup’s StrengthQuest:
    Training and Workshop/Q&A

    • UC San Diego
    • John Jay College
    • Brooklyn College
    • CUNY Office of Student Affairs
    • LaGuardia Community College
    • Emblaze Academy
  • Command the Room:
    Executive Presence Conference

    • University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
    • Texas A&M University-San Antonio
    • New York Institute of Technology
  • Curves & Curls in the Workplace:
    Diversity Workshop/Q&A

    • Syracuse
    • UAlbany
    • ATF (Keynote Address)
    • Webinar
  • Higher Education Research:

    • John Jay College
    • National Association of Student Personnel Administrators
    • National Orientation Directors Associate
    • North American Association of Commencement Officers
  • Social Capital:
    Workshop & Training/Q&A

    • Dartmouth College (Keynote Address)
    • The Heritage School (Keynote Address)
    • Voyager Prep (Keynote Address)
  • Adjunct Faculty in Latin American History:
    Academic Instruction

    • College of St. Rose
    • University at Albany
    • John Jay College
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All Women’s History Month speaking events, seminars, workshops, and one-day conferences can be developed in English and/or Spanish.

USE CODE: WHM#2020 for Special Pricing

Using this code will save you 10% or more of Rosann's speaking fee. Submit your request using the form at the bottom of this page.


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