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Coaching CliftonStrengths in the DEI Space with Rosann Santos

Coaching CliftonStrengths in the DEI Space with Rosann Santos

Gallup Called to Coach Webcast Series — Season 10, Episode 21: Nuances of Coaching CliftonStrengths in the DEI Space.
How can you include those who are often excluded, even if you don’t have Includer in your Top 5?
What does it mean to have a balance of empathy and curiosity to connect with others?
What practical steps can you take to diversify your network and your coaching?


Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach Rosann Santos, with 25 years of experience in higher education, public speaking and coaching, provided answers to these questions to help listeners of the podcast become more aware of the excluded and marginalized, give practical help on including them, and help them be more intentional and deliberate in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion space.
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Rosann Santos is a bilingual Spanish/English keynote speaker, FranklinCovey Facilitator for DEI and Gallups Strengths Coach based in New York City who has delivered keynotes across the world. She has delivered keynote addresses to professional organizations, educational institutions, career-development and higher learning audiences from every walk of life. She is committed in assisting students, professionals and industry experts excel in their academic and professional growth – especially women.

Rosann believes 3 Things Can Happen When You Walk into a Room:

1. You can walk in and no one notices.

2. You can walk in and you’re noticed for the wrong reasons.

3. Or you can walk in as the crowd parts for you to walk by.

Her specialty is to empower, enlighten and embolden women in ways that are positive and beneficial for their future.

Notable organizations who have hired Rosann:

  • UC San Diego
  • Syracuse
  • ATF
  • National Geographic Society
  • SJC
  • State Farm
  • Gallup/Clifton Strengths Summit
  • Franklin Covey
  • Command the Room
  • San Antonio
  • NYU Student Link Staff
  • 2020 Faculty Women of Color in the Academy Conference, Blacksburg VA
  • 2020 Southeastern LatinX Student Leadership Conference, Cullowhee, NC


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Committed to helping professionals from all walks of life excel in their education and careers, I am among the few NYC based, high-impact motivational keynote speakers who can deliver a highly tailored keynote address to professionals, college students and career-minded individuals. I provide high quality professional development workshops; seminars for professional staff training; and motivational, interactive conversations for high school students and their families.


I am fully bilingual in English and Spanish and I’m ready to provide your organization with the quality speaking and training you require.


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